Sync & Music Supervision

How you picture synchronization

GL Music Sync has more than 15 years of experience with song placement by synchronizing commercials, trailers, TV shows, documentaries and feature films all over the Nordic, Europe and in Hollywood. As one of the biggest publishers in Scandinavia we take pride in dealing with budgets, contracts and music clearing on a daily basis.

Functioning as a creative partner, we help you find the music that makes your work appear exactly how you picture it. Our sync team has the honour of working with professional electronic and orchestral composers who can create unique and specialized music pieces for any kind of production.

Our catalogue curated for sync includes various types of genres as well as one-stops and easy-clears. We represent some of the world's leading publishing catalogues in the Nordic, giving us the privilege to pitch as well as clear everything from Hansi Hinterseer to Justin Bieber, Johnny Cash and Drake songs.

Succesful Entertainment

We offer music and management consulting services for TV, film and production companies. We merge the key elements leading to succes in entertainment: A unique, creative talent baked by our vision and experience.
Functioning as Musical Directors and Consultants we take care of everything from executive decisions to musical content and help companies find the best team players regarding: Music & Entertainment, Sound & Backline, Lights and Crew

Over the years we have been involved in several concerts, show productions and TV formats like X Factor, Denmark's Got Talent, Voice Junior, Mentor, Paradise Hotel, Entrepreneur Of The Year, MTV Music Awards etc.

Internationally, we have been part of productions with Nelly Furtado (US), Elton John (UK), Andrew Strong (UK), Kylie (UK) and many others. Of Danish artists we can name Christopher, Oh Land, Sanne Salomonsen, Joey Moe, Medina, Wafande, Nabiha and Søs Fenger amongst others.

Corporate Clients

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