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Jacob Buchardt

Producer & Songwriter // Signed by GL Music Publishing & Apex One since December 2022

Jacob Buchardt is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, & songwriter. He started producing at the age of 11 and by 14 he had an internship at the famous Medley Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark. Jacob is a quick learner with a natural gift for hearing and fine-tuning great pop-songs.

During the past two years, Jacob has worked with various upcoming artists and has participated in a series of camps arranged by GL Music, OneSeven, KODA & DPA. His calmness and experience with being in the studio from a young age have already given him an understanding about how to work fast and efficiently in sessions.

Jacob has worked with writers such as Kasper Larsen (Selena Gomez, Calum Scott) Max Ulver (Christopher), Frederik Jyll (Burhan G), Barbara Moleko, Lasse Kramhøft (YG, Gunna), Jakob Groth, and Søren Mikkelsen etc.