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Artist, Producer & Songwriter // Signed by GL Music Publishing & The Mgmt since September 2022

Feras started his career in the successful trio L.I.G.A, who won several awards such as a Zulu Award for ‘New Name of the Year’ and a Gaffa Award in the same category. Feras left the band at the top in 2015, to pursue the life as a solo artist and as a songwriter for other artists. While providing hits for a number of up-and-coming artists, Feras also composed music for K-Pop giants Super Junior-D&E.

Feras is also a strong live performer who, with his characteristic energy and charm, can hypnotise a crowd. Since the L.I.G.A days, Feras has worked closely with the likes of Remee, Chief 1, Pato Siebenhaar and Pharfar and as a solo artist, he has generated almost 1 million streams. In addition, he has participated in interviews that have been broadcast in prime time on TV2’s Go’ Aften Danmark. There is no doubt that the young pop smith has a flair for delivering an ear-pleaser.