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Artist & Songwriter // Signed by GL Music Publishing since January 2023

Songwriter, producer, and artist Englando is one of the most innovative and attractive creatives in Denmark. His success with cult-band Ude Af Kontrol (Sony Denmark) has already secured him a special status having gone multi-platinum and played some of the biggest festivals and venues in Denmark (Smukfest, Store Vega, Tivoli). As a songwriter, his main area of expertise is within uptempo rap / hip hop but he can just as well cross over to EDM (specifically melbourne bounce) and straight pop. But his chronic wanderlust and curiosity means that he is up for almost any task and genre, as long as he can connect it to his colorful identity. Englando’s wit and energy provides him with the extra edge in sessions where he is able to motivate everyone creatively and find the right direction for the song. Englando is up for co-writing and -producing for other projects as well, and if it’s the right project, there might also be the possibility for an artist collaboration with Ude Af Kontrol.