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Karen Rosenberg

Jazz artist // Signed by GL Music Publishing and Label since 2014

Karen Rosenberg is a powerful singer creating a feminine universe by communicating deep emotions like happiness, wrath and forgiveness to name a few. Turning into a front leader for empowering messages and living the dream she had since being a little girl, she communicates ups and downs of her life experiences and feelings in classic NY style jazz songs with a sleazy swing.

The piano playing, soft drums and Karen’s passionate, delicate voice makes her music seem to melt out of the speakers. Each song fits a pleasant and heartfelt setting where you get in touch with your inner feelings – a warm summer night by the water or cozy winter cuddles in a cabin. Karen Rosenberg is the epitome of a real modern woman’s sexuality.

Former known as the Danish queen of RnB, Karen was the first recipient of a Danish Grammy for an RnB release in year 2000. She has performed festivals, had no. 1 singles and done many club gigs. Now she gathers the best new Jazz Musicians around her and has worked with Trumpet Player Erik Kimestad amongst others. First Jazz single was released in 2018.