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Johnny Deluxe

Pop Rock artist // Signed by GL Music Label since 2016

Johnny Deluxe is a first-language Danish Pop Rock band established in 2000 and consist of Singer Noam Halby, Bassist Jakob Glæsner, Guitarist Søren Itenov and Drummer Morten Lynggaard. In 2003 they released their first EP followed by a full album release in 2004 which was award-winning at the Danish Zulu Awards later same year.

Johnny Deluxe has featured with neighbors across the strait Oresund. Early in their career with Swedish Singer, Anna Nordell, and since the Swedish Rapper Mange Schmidt.

After a five-year break from 2010-2015 Johnny Deluxe was reunited and has since toured many festivals, high schools and clubs with great pop hits hitting the charts. They always put on a great show and definitely brings a contagious fun attitude. It is safe to say that Johnny Deluxe is all about musicality, history and the keeping of good old friendships.