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Uffe Dalskov

Songwriter & Producer // Signed by GL Music Publishing since June 2024

Uffe is a graduate musician and bassist from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. Besides being a gifted musician, Uffe is a seasoned songwriter and producer who excels in sessions, where he can help the artist find the most interesting sonic pathways. His skillset combining his experience as a producer, songwriter and live musician has resulted in the contribution to hit-songs for established names such as Julie Ellinor (Disarray), Mattias Kolstrup (Glam) and Jada (Something to Say). Uffe has performed / recorded with a wide range of artists, including: Jada, Hjalmer, Olivia Lobato, Ankerstjerne, Bby Bites, Ericka Jane, Ida Laurberg, Pil, Carl Emil Petersen, ANYA, Alexander Oscar, Karl Meyer, October Dance, Bette, First Hate, Freja Kirk, IAMJJ, Julie Ellinor, Mina Okabe, Magnus Münster, Mattias Kolstrup and more.