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Simon Vestergaard

Artist & Songwriter // Signed by GL Music Publishing & Management since 2020

Simon Vestergaard is a super talented artist from Randers, Denmark. With sky-high ambitions of being the next great urban pop singer within the Danish music industry Simon produces, writes and vocals music in his first language.

Since the young age of 8 Simon has been writing music and always focusses on creating catchy, popular sing-along songs that make listeners put them on repeat. Within the first teenage years he started playing piano and guitar – plus he strives to stay relevant in the present music era. This makes him evolve and follow current beats every day.

Boosted by a youthful and cheeky charm Simon kicks in the door to parties etc. with well produced beats and brash lyrics assisted by a strong voice. Performance wise Simon has guested Danish Nightclubs and is an up-coming talent. His first single was released in 2017.