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Barbara Moleko

Artist & Topliner // Signed to GL Music Publishing since 2020

Barbara Moleko is a force to be reckoned with on the Danish music scene. She debuted as an artist in 2012, released the followup “Bapsz” in 2015 with the lead single “Gør Mig Lykkelig” that was the third most played song on Danish National Radio P3 and P4 that year.

Her unique, soulful voice and honest, hard hitting Danish lyrics combine into a mix of playful African vibes, neo-soul and urban pop music. Her artist career includes more than 1,000 shows between her debut “Lykken er…” and her third album “Jeg Er Stærk” released in May 2020.

Other notable successes includes nominations from Danish Music Awards to Steppeulven and Gaffa Awards, a no.1 single from her appearance on the tv show “Toppen Af Poppen” and appearances at everything from the Queen Of Denmarks 75th birthday celebration to Zulu Awards.