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Marco Twellmann

Producer & Songwriter // Signed by GL Music Publishing since February 2023

Marco Twellmann is a multi-instrumentalist and multi-platinum selling producer and songwriter with a BA in musicology. He grew up in a creatively curious family, where he began playing piano and guitar at an early age, which led to him beginning to record and compose in elementary school. As a live-performer, he has performed with Maximillian, Nicklas Sahl, and DAVID44. Additionally, Marco has also scored for a couple of short films and a single full-length feature film (Last Days of Summer).

As a skilled and authentic songwriter, he has developed into a certified hit-maker ever since his first commercial song ”Kun Os To” written with Jokeren and Sly (Dua Lipa) went platinum. Since then, ten years have passed with Marco amassing 90+ releases with 200mil+ streams on Spotify alone. He has been working continuously with Maximillian (producing the multi-platinum-awarded hit “Beautiful Scars”) while also playing a part in releases by Alexander Oscar, BATSHEBA, M.I.L.K, David44, Wadi, WIINSTON etc. Thus, Marco has already established himself as a household name in Danish pop. Nonetheless, he is always curious and looking for the next exciting project that can elevate his career even further.