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Max Pahmp

Singer-Song writer Pop artist // Signed by GL Music Label since 2018

Max Pahmp is a super talented singer-song writer from Malmo in Sweden. As a child Max spent a lot of time at the hospital due to a hereditary disease and through these visits he slowly learned how to drum by making up drumbeats on his small knees together with his mother. In the last years of primary school, he started drumming in a band and started picking up different instruments. This led him to find the guitar which he has not put down ever since.

Max writes lyrics I based on life-experiences as a self therapeutic thing. A strength and weakness at the same time because it leaves him exposed when performing – but he cannot have it any other way. He uses his soft and intimate voice for storytelling in an honest way to anyone who wants to listen. Listen to Max Pahmp and you will quickly discover how impossible it is not to sing-along. First single released in 2012.