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Frederik Leopold

Pop artist // Managed by GL Music since 2017

Frederik Leopold has a distinct and sincere Pop sound with a hoarse quality to it. In an up-tempo and cheeky but honest way of sound, mixed with lyrics that stand out, he catches phrases or conceptual themes. First single released in 2017.

Frederik was the first to join in whenever there were shows or theatre at his school, but it was not until he stole his sister’s guitar by the age of 11 he found his true calling. Ever since he has been playing in the street or for his friends and at get-togethers. Now he enjoys developing his professional musician character with a great sense for song writing, special soul and feeling.

Living in Sweden for a couple of years Frederik Leopold got to know the heart of Swedish pop music and brought some of that back with him when the family moved back to the Copenhagen area. His second love is football, which he has played at a high level.

Latest Frederik has made the titel song ”Ikke Alene” for the danish serie ”KLASSEN”