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Pop artist // Signed by GL Music Label since 2014

Emilio is a Danish artist who released his first single by the age of 15 and went viral in 2015. Nightlife and reality TV quickly showed interest in his Sing-Along Pop music, where after his career took off.

Like an innocent troublemaker Emilio always starts a party and retains the audience’s attention with his glowing, cheeky personality as well as playful, fun lyrics. After the use of his song as a Paradise Hotel TV-track Emilio has performed at nightclubs and Danish Reality Awards initiating some fun festivities.

Emilio’s real name is Emil Vahl. The adjective energetic must be the one matching his name’s initial letter the most – briefly followed by engaging. He certainly has an uplifting spirit and confident appeal towards his followers and listeners which matches his singing and indulgent rapping impeccably.