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Bilton Marten

Singer-Song Writer Pop artist // Managed and signed by GL Music Label since 2017

Bilton Marten is a special down-to-earth pop artist whose actual name is the reversed version of his artist name – Marten Bilton. With a personal background mixed by Canadian roots and Danish blood, a soft voice and present charisma, his appearance is truly dynamic and distinctive.

Marten has been playing the guitar since he was 15 years old and since then it has been his loyal instrument in musical settings. Sometimes he performs without the guitar and people get to experience his great voice in a rawer setting. Regardless, his presence shines through and the passion for pop music expressed in his intense dark blue eyes is not to be mistaken of. It was especially at road trips trough the Canadian nature with his dad that Marten found a love for singing, Country and Rock music.

Bilton Marten works hard in hope of rising to the top and his first release will be in 2021. As a former model he is not afraid to be evaluated by curious eyes and ears in creative industries.